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Welcome to ellehomme Med Spa, Chicago’s premier med spa and day spa destination.  Here, we believe inner well-being allows us to project ourselves outwardly in a positive light, while outer beautification can help restore inner peace.

Situated in the West Loop neighborhood of Greektown in downtown Chicago, our unique and modern spas offer a thoughtful assembly of services and products that weave this theory into practice.

Starting with the med spa at 832 West Adams, a team of expert estheticians, Registered Nurses, and Medical Director perform non-invasive beauty enhancement services, from Botox injections to laser hair removal, using the most innovative equipment in the industry.

Welcome to ellehomme, where we invite you take delight in our ambiance, outstanding service, and ever-evolving method to bring balance and beauty to your daily ritual.

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Some of Our Services @ ElleHomme Spa


With noticeable results, no surgery and no recovery time, it’s no wonder why Botox Cosmetic has been chosen by millions of patients and physicians worldwide!


Juvederm was approved in 2006 by the FDA as a safe option for softening wrinkles, plumping lips, and maintaining a youthful appearance. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed and it’s formula has only improved!


As we age, our own natural collagen breaks down, significantly diminishing facial volume and the elasticity of our skin. To maintain a youthful appearance, one must replenish lost volume in an effort to combat wrinkles and skin laxity.


Ellehomme Spa offers laser hair reduction using the Cutera Prowave and CoolGlide lasers to reduce and even eliminate unwanted hair permanently.


The Cutera CoolGlide treats a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins quickly, safely, and effectively.


Laser Genesis Skin Therapy uses advanced science to achieve vibrant, even skin tone and smooth texture in both men and women. Light penetrates deeply into the skin where collagen is manufactured, stimulating an increase of new collagen production.


The skin is our window to the world; it is our body’s largest organism and a reflection of our age, health, and overall well-being. Yet it is oftentimes the most neglected or even abused. Over time, our skin, especially, the delicate skin on our face, is subjected to sun damage, acne scars, and other signs of visible wear and tear.


Our signature service…TITAN is one of our most exciting procedures because we can often help avoid costly and risky surgeries. Best results are seen with the recommended 3 treatments 4 – 6 months apart. By utilizing infrared light delivered through a carefully gauged sapphire crystal TITAN heats the dermis well below the skin’s surface resulting in collagen contraction and tighter skin.