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Do you ever find yourself wondering what if you could move your excess fat to enhance your appearance? Here at ElleHomme Holistic Med Spa in Chicago, we have found a great solution to help you regain your youthful appearance, having bigger breasts, or even gaining a voluptuous derriere with long lasting and natural results. Fat transfer might be an answer to naturally enhance your body without having an artificial or fake appearance.*

fat transfer chicago

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer also known as fat grafting or fat injections, is the harvesting of excess fat into areas that lack volume and plumpness in the areas of the face, breasts, or buttocks. The excess fat is retrieved by liposuction from trouble areas with excess fat, such as the lower abdomen, thighs, lower back, or hip. The results are long lasting with results varying in each area and individual. Fat transfer is a very popular alternative to receiving relaxers, dermal fillers, and implants.*

fat transfer chicago

Should I Consider Fat Transfer?

Do you want a younger appearance without looking stiff or artificial?

Want to enlarge your breasts up to a cup or two cups sizes more with a natural appearance?

Are you looking to have breast reconstruction after going through mastectomy?

Do you desire a fuller or bigger butt without having implants?

Or do you even wish to hide the irregularities from your current implants?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, fat transfer may be a solution to obtain the results you have been looking for. Fat transfer has long lasting results with a natural appearance because we are using your excess fat to reconstruct the areas that have lost volume and we carefully enlarge your breasts or butt to have the voluptuous curves you have been dreaming of.*

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer?

  • Natural Appearance*
  • Long Lasting Results*
  • Safe, there is a low risk to allergic reactions from foreign substances*
  • No hardening or capsule formation*

*Individual results will vary in each patient.

Treatment Areas


fat transfer chicago

Regain your youthful appearance without using dermal fillers, relaxers, anti-aging creams, or very invasive surgery. The results are long lasting, the procedure can last up several years. There is a wide range of areas that fat transfer can help you look naturally younger such as:

  • Reduce the look of wrinkles and crow’s feet*
  • Soften facial lines*
  • Lose under eye bags or dark circles*
  • Lift your “sunken” cheeks*
  • Plump your lips*
  • Natural face lift*

*Results will vary in each patient.

fat transfer chicagoBreasts

Fat transfer has become a popular way of enhancing your breasts without letting anyone know that you had a “boob-job” done. It can help you have realistic, safe, and great results. The look and feel of fat transferred enhanced breasts is very natural. Fat transfer can be used in multiple ways to enlarge your breasts.*

  • Breast augmentation: Add fullness and up to two cup sizes with a natural appearance and feel.*
  • Breast implants with fat transfer: Fill implant irregularities to have smooth and natural looking breasts.*
  • Breast reconstruction: You can regain your breasts after going through mastectomy or breast cancer.*

*Results will vary in each patient.


fat transfer chicagoFat transfer also known as, the Brazilian Butt Lift, can help give you the curvy behind you desire by giving you the volume and sculpture you have been wanting without using implants or doing countless squats. The wonders of fat transfer in the buttock area is that the results are long lasting and that you won’t lose your booty with weight fluctuations because it works proportionately with your body.*

  • Fat transfer to enhance buttocks: Gain a fuller and sculpted booty*
  • Fat transfer with buttock implants: Hide the irregularities that implants cause with a smooth and fuller appearance.*

*Results will vary in each patient.

Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

If you have excess fat in an area that you wish to remove and move the excess fat to an area that needs more fullness then, you are a good candidate for fat transfer. Common good health and nonallergic reactions to general or local anesthesia are also determinants to deciding whether or not you are a good candidate. Almost everyone can be a good candidate for fat transfer, further consultation will be needed in each patient.

fat transfer chicago


Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free consultation here at our Chicago facility today! At ElleHomme Holistic Med Spa, we are dedicated to offering you natural procedures to enhance your beauty. We can help you determine if fat transfer is the best option for you to regain your youthful appearance or get the voluptuous curves in all the right areas. Our licensed and experienced Dr. James Joseph will give you the best natural looking and long lasting results. Contact us today, let us help you reach your beauty goals.



*Disclaimer: Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for fat transfer. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval. We will do the best to provide you with all the information to decide whether or not the treatment is right for you. Your health and safety is our priority, we can not guarantee that your results will be permanent and appear a certain way.

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