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Microneedling is one of the most natural facials out there that doesn’t require any kind of chemicals. The beauty of this facial is that it allows your body to do all of the work and heal itself. Commonly performed with a micropen, this facial involves the use of tiny needles that create even smaller puncture marks all over your face. The needles don’t travel very deep, as it’s a superficial treatment. It’s quick, painless and the results are amazing!

How it Works

When the needles puncture the skin, the body responds by releasing lots of ions and collagen to repair it. Really, the body begins to heal itself, thus healing blemishes, scars and other skin conditions while doing so. This treatment promotes the production of collagen, which is the protein needed for smoother looking skin. Individual results will vary in each patient.*

Pros of Microneedling

The pros of this facial are endless! For one, there’s no need to worry about having an allergic reaction, because there are no chemicals involved. This facial is noninvasive, so there’s no need for anesthesia or medications. In fact, recovery time is just a few minutes! There’s also no need to worry about side effects, which is usually a big concern when deciding on a treatment. Microneedling can be done during a lunch break, without causing any serious interruption to one’s daily life. It’s also much easier to be considered a good candidate for this facial than other treatments. Overall, it’s quick and efficient.

Microneedling can also be combined with other techniques, such as PRP facials. The PRP (platelet rich plasma) that’s in the patient’s own blood would be spread across the surface of the skin. This is followed by Microneedling, which allows the PRP to have access to the dermis. The result of these combined treatments include faster healing and a noticeable glow immediately following the appointment.

More Information

If you’re still curious about Microneedling and would like to learn more, you should schedule give our Chicago-based office a call. Our staff can schedule you for a consultation in which you can ask as many questions as you’d like regarding this treatment, or others that we offer.

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