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Revanesse Versa Chicago

revanesse versa chicago


Plump, symmetrical lips can make a huge difference in one’s look. Beautiful lips can balance out the face and are one of our major defining features. However, many people suffer from thin lips that lack volume or have lost volume with age. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options for thin lips, so you can get the luscious, sultry pout you have been dreaming of! If you want to fill out your lips or have an interest in lip fillers, it may be time to give Revanesse Versa Chicago a try!

Lip fillers are a great option if you are looking to fill in lips that have always been thin, want to fill lips that have lost volume with age, or want to reshape your lips. Revanesse Versa can provide you with voluminous, smooth lips that look and feel natural! Ellehomme Holistic Medical Spa in Chicago, IL offers Revanesse Versa. Our expert injectors deliver the exceptional results that you want! If you have an interest in lip fillers, call Ellehomme today to book your free consultation and learn more about our lip filler procedures.

What is Revanesse Versa Chicago?

Revanesse Versa is an FDA-approved, multipurpose dermal filler that is made up of hyaluronic acid(HA). HA is a chemical that is naturally produced by the body and diminishes over time as we age. Revanesse Versa Chicago works to either enhance or restore HA in the lips, resulting in a natural look. Revanesse Versa is a great alternative to other dermal fillers because its formula is smoothing. This results in less risk for bumps and lumps following the procedure.


revanesse versa chicago

*Before and After

What is the Revanesse Versa procedure like?

The Revanesse Versa procedure is fast and easy.

Before your procedure, your practitioner will speak with you about your desired results and develop a specific treatment plan tailored to you. During the consultation, you can address any questions or concerns you have about the procedure.

An anesthetic can be applied before the procedure for maximum comfort. The injection also contains a numbing medication.

One of our expert injectors will mark the locations of injections and several injections will be placed into different areas of the lips depending on the desired shape and size.

There is little recovery time associated with Revanesse Versa Chicago, as the procedure is minimally invasive. Most patients are able to return to normal activities after treatment.

Side effects are similar to those that come with any injectable treatment(bruising, sensitivity, etc.), but usually resolve quickly. One of the benefits Versa has over other dermal fillers is a reduction in swelling post-treatment. This is because the HA in Versa is formulated to be more homogeneous than other dermal fillers, resulting in smoother results.

If you have any concerns about the treatment, side effects, or after care speak with one of our staff at Ellehomme.

What will my results be like?*

Many patients notice results immediately*. However, best results can be seen within a week or two, after side effects have subsided and the product settles. Revanesse Versa Chicago results last from six months to a year. The duration of results depends on injection location and how much product you will need. Your body will naturally dissolve the substance.

We recommend repeating treatment every several months mto maintain desired results.

Book Today!

Are you ready to have sexy, kissable lips you can feel amazing about? Revanesse Versa Chicago can deliver you the results you want. If you want to add shape and volume to your lips, Revanesse Versa may be a great option.

At Ellehomme we care about our patients first and want to be a part of your beauty journey! Come into our beautiful med spa in Chicago, IL, where we deliver the most popular cosmetic treatments with exceptional quality and care. Schedule your free consultation today and begin your journey to beautiful lips! We can’t wait to see you!



*Disclaimer: Results will vary. Any information or photos displayed do not guarantee results or treatment. A comprehensive medical exam and consultation is required before all procedures and treatments.

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