Laser Treatments Chicago

Revitalize your skin for a radiant, youthful appearance in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Downtime

    No downtime

  • Pain Level


  • Treatment Time

    30 minutes

Say goodbye to sun damage, severe acne, brown marks, and more with expert laser therapy.

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Pre- & Post-Treatment Tips

  • If you wear makeup to your appointment, we'll need to remove it before your treatment in order to get a clean canvas.

  • Avoid Retin-A and other cream exfoliants for at least a week prior to your service. You should also avoid sun exposure – we can't perform a laser treatment on tanned skin.

  • Be sure to have your daily workout before your treatment, since we don't recommend any exercise for 24 hours afterwards.

  • You can get right back to work after your treatment, but we recommend leaving yourself an hour of time to avoid being stressed or rushed.

  • Your skin may be mildly red and warm after treatment, similar to the feeling of a sunburn. Ice packs or cold compresses are recommended.


How Do Laser Treatments Work?

The exact mechanics of your treatment is dependent of the type of laser you need. However, the light energy of the laser will target and destroy your skin concerns on both the surface level of your skin, and the underlying layers. This heating of the dermis (underlying layers) stimulates collagen production over time, resulting in better skin tone and texture.

What Can I Expect at My Treatment?

Your laser treatment at our Chicago medical spa will begin with a consultation in which you and your Ellehomme provider will determine your aesthetic goals. Our non-invasive laser treatments involves rapid bursts of light to penetrate the skin, which may result in a warm sensation on the treatment area. The procedures are quick and simple, typically only taking about 15-30 minutes depending on the skin condition being treated!

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

The number of treatments you will need are dependent on the severity of your skin concerns. Our AviClear acne laser typically takes at least 3 short 30-minute sessions for best results. Our IPL Photofacial may take at least 2 treatments to completely rid brown spots, sun spots, rosacea and more. Your treatment plan will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What Should I Avoid After Treatment?

After your laser treatment: No exercise/working out for at least 24 hours afterwards, limit sun exposure, and be kind to your skin! Ditch the harsh chemical exfoliants until your skin is recovered. Our expert team will ensure you know all post-treatment tips during your appointment.

Can I Go Back To Work After My Treatment?

You sure can! The great thing about our laser treatments is there's virtually no downtime. You might have some redness, warmth and dark coloration of your treatment area, but this will usually go away within the next day or so.